Main Dates in Our History

LLC "Tehnotrans" was founded in july 2006. The company's activities are focused on railway forwarding and 
operational services of all tipes of transportations within the 1520mm railway system.

For years of successful work, LLC "Tehnotrans" has recommended itself as a reliable strategical partner in 
matters of cargo shipments within Russian Federation, CIS, Baltic countries and middle Asia. 

25.07.2006 foundation of the LLC "Tehnotrans" as a railway forwarding company

02.08.2006 - LLC "Tehnotrans" signes contracts with JSC "RZD"

26.04.2007 – LLC "Tehnotrans" joins "Grain Union of Russia"

10.10.2008 – LLC "Tehnotrans" joins "Grain Union of Kazakhstan"

October 2009 - LLC "Tehnotrans" concludes financial agreements with several leasing companies and begins 
construction of 600 grain-hoppers of increased volume at the "Kryukovskiy VSZ"

December 2009 - LLC "Tehnotrans" begins to work as a rolling-stock holder and railway operator

27.05.2010 – LLC "Tehnotrans" joins "Oils and Fats Union of Russia"

01.07.2010 – LLC "Tehnotrans" enters the "Association of rolling-stock holders and operators"

01.04.2010 – LLC "Tehnotrans" finances the "World Grain Conference" in Astana, Kazakhstan

February 2011 - LLC "Tehnotrans" finances the construction of first 100 of increased-volume Boxcars (up to 500 total) at the "Kryukovskiy VSZ"

July 2011 – Foundation of subsidiary company ТОО «Nord TEC» in Republic of Kazakhstan

19.01.2011 – singning of Cooperation Memorandum with JSC "Kaztemirtrans" in Astana, Kazakhstan
25.07.2011 – LLC "Tehnotrans" Team celebrates 5-years anniversary with business partners 

16.03.2012 – LLC "Tehnotrans" finances the V-th Kazakhstan Grain Forum «KAZGRAIN 2012» in Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan

14.09.2012 – LLC "Tehnotrans" enters the "Non-commercial Partnership of Railway Operators and Rolling-stock Holders"

12.10.2012 – LLC "Tehnotrans" joins the "National Union of Grain Producers"

23.11.2012 – LLC "Tehnotrans" finances the VI-th Kazakhstan Grain Forum «KAZGRAIN 2012» in Astana, Republic 
of Kazakhstan

October 2012 – LLC "Tehnotrans" concludes financial agreement with JSC "Sberbank of Russia" and begins construction 
of 900 grain-hoppers of increased volume at the "STAKHANOVSKY VSZ"

31.10.2012 – LLC "Tehnotrans" was rated "A+" (Very High Level of Credit Trustability)

February 2013 - LLC "Tehnotrans" begins construction of 300 additional increased-volume grain-hoppers at the "Stackhanovskiy VSZ"

27.03.2012 - LLC "Tehnotrans" completes the implementation of Quality Management System within ISO 9001:2008 standarts