From the very beginning of LLC "TEHNOTRANS" our team consists of highly-educated upscale professionals with years of experience in railway cargo transportation and rolling-stock operation services. 
Most of our team members completed higher educational programs in Russian Railway Universities and work in railway services for more than 10 years now. 
Two members of our team also achieved PhD's in Economics.

Using our own automatic control center, modern logistics software, and inner railway communication facilities, specialists of our company carry out the operative control of cargo movements, rolling-stock 
condition and document handling. 
Our own round-the-clock dispatch center lets our specialists use the rolling-stock with maximum effectiveness and give our clents all the information about their cargo location and status on-line.

The private fleet of the company today includes 2500 extended-volume railway cars for grain transportation and 500 boxcars for general cargoes.

All the vagons of our fleet have increased body volume (grain-hopper cars of 108 & 110 cubic meters, boxcars of 138 & 158 cubic meters).


None of our vagons were built later than 2009, that's why all vagons of LLC "Tehnotrans" are in perfect technical condition.
According to the consolidated results of 2010-2012, monthly volumes of cargoes transported  by LLC "Tehnotrans" exceed 500 000 mt/month in average.
Within the approved development program for 2012-2015, LLC "Tehnotrans" is planning  to purchase 3 000 new grain-hopper railway cars and increase the total number of private rolling-stock up to 5000 cars.

LLC "TEHNOTRANS" - your reliable partner.