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Grain-hopper 108m³ & 116m³

The hopper car 19-7016 is intended for transportation of corn and other bulk cargoes, that require protection from atmospheric precipitation. This hopper car model has an extended volume of 108m³ and 116m³, that makes any cargo transportation more profitable. 

The 116m³ version of this hopper is the biggest type of grain hopper in CIS yet, which makes transportation of lightweight cargoes even more profitable for our clients.

The hopper car is loading through the upper hatches and has a gravitational unloading into special unloading space between rails throughout the bottom hatches . Model 19-7016 car is constructed for railway systems of Russian Federation, the CIS countries, Baltic states and other countries with railway gauge 1520 mm. Brakes – automatic pneumatic, manual parking. Running gear – two double-axle bogies.

Number of model 19-7016 grain-hoppers owned by LLC "Tehnotrans": Cars 1500.png

                   КРЮКОВ1 зерновоз 108.png

Grain-hopper 108m³ & 116m³
Capacity 70,2 mt
Body volume 108m3 & 116 m3
Mass 23,5 mt
Estimated load on bogie 230,5 (23,5) кН(тс)
Wheel base 10 500 mm
The length between ACD's 14 720 mm
Dimensions by GOST1-T 230,5 (23,5)
Number of hatches:
Loading 4/5 pcs
Unloading 3 pcs
Wheel space 1520 mm
Constructive speed 120 km/h
Lifetime 30 yrs